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Rivanna River
Renaissance Conference

September 28, 2018
10:00 a.m.
Albemarle County Office Building
401 McIntire Rd.

Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District (CSWCD)

CSWCD Board of Directors: CSWCD serves the counties of Culpeper, Greene, Madison, Orange, and Rappahannock through a 12-member Board of Directors that governs the District.  The Board promotes the stewardship of soil and water and the conservation of natural resources through education and technical assistance. CSWCD is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

CSWCD Agricultural Program:  Provides conservation planning information and technical assistance to landowners and land users; administers the Virginia Agricultural Cost-Share and Tax Credit Program in member counties and assists with USDA program delivery to agriculture producers; operates and maintains 11 flood control dams; sponsors trainings and workshops to promote conservation management strategies.

CSWCD Stream Restoration: Promotes stream restoration projects in member counties by connecting landowners with appropriate resources for project implementation; seeks grant sponsorship for projects; provides technical assistance to landowners.

CSWCD Land Development: Provides erosion and sediment control plan and storm water engineering review services to 5 member local governments; provides local ordinance review and conservation review on all rezoning and special use applications; promotes adoption of emerging technologies and solutions through interaction with local government, sponsorship of workshops and engineer trainings, and early engagement of the land development process.

CSWCD Education Program: Develops curricula for adoption by local school programs; provides teacher trainings and resources; sponsors and coordinates Envirothon programming; conducts workshops on various soil and water topics; provides Board trainings; coordinates field days and presentations to all age groups; publishes quarterly newsletter; seeks grants for specific projects and expanded programming; coordinates with both regional and statewide environmental education programming. 

CSWCD Residential: Promotes on-site management and infiltration of stormwater runoff through a combination of education and technical assistance; administers a residential septic system cost share program funded by grants and a TMDL initiative.


The Rivanna River Basin Commission provides guidance for the stewardship of water and natural resources of the Rivanna River Basin and promotes activities by local, state, and federal governments, and by individuals, that foster resource stewardship for the environmental and economic health of the Basin.

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The Commission has representatives from these jurisdictions and organizations.

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City of Charlottesville

Albemarle County

Fluvanna County

Greene County

Culpeper SWCD

Thomas Jefferson SWCD